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The process of developing technology platforms at European level was initiated by the European Commission as a response to non-compliance with the "Lisbon process" and other strategic documents, and also as a response to a known fact, that the effectiveness of the work of the European scientific and research foundations measured by the  competitiveness of the European industry is significantly lower than the competitors of the main production areas. As the main cause of this condition was identified in particular the less efficient transfer of results towards industrial entities. This finding applies in even a higher rate for the Czech Republic, which has a lower absolute long-term expenditure on Science and research in relation to GDP, as compared to the EU 15, and also to  most of the new Member States, and, moreover, is struggling from the perspective of the competitiveness of the economy with a highly unhealthy ratio of distribution of expenditure between basic and applied research. In addition, in comparison with our main competitors, the food research and development in the plane of basic research is long perceived as purely technological research, which should be fully addressed and funded by the business community.


The European Commission has responded to the need to strengthen the Pan-European innovation concepts of European technology platforms, within which stakeholders of  key economic sectors are working together to identify the necessary innovation, propose research programs and implement their results into practice.


On the initiative of the European Confederation of the food and beverage industry FoodDrinkEurope, the European technology platform for food “FOOD FOR LIFE” was established in 2005, which includes, within the food processing sector, bodies of State administration, science and research, the food production and supply sectors. At this time, characterized by an effort to improve the quality of life by the way of a healthy diet and to contribute to the improvement of the environment by creating a sustainable production system,  the platform responds  to consumer expectations of safety, ethics, and sustainability of food production, which form a good basis for innovation.


Unlike other sectors  in the previous period, the agro-food sector did not form any structures that combine the various stakeholders together. Thanks to the efforts of the members of the FoodDrinkEurope,  the foundations of the ETP FOOD FOR LIFE were created. ETP was established on 5 July 2005 in Brussels under the auspices of the Commissioner for Science and Research Janez Potočnik. In the follow-up to this activity it seemed logical to create other structures connected to it, that is at the national level that connect the individual stakeholders and ensure their consistency within the entire European area. The creation of this pan-European structure was the  aim of Food Federations of individual countries, in the Czech Republic it was  Food Chamber of the Czech Republic (PK CR).


The overall objective is to achieve the cooperation of professionals, companies, including small and medium-sized enterprises and organisations in the Member States, associated countries and the candidate countries,  so it creates such forms of the European research area, which will ensure the increased use of the results of science and research, promote competitiveness and deliver tangible results to European residents. In this way it is possible to ensure that Europe will be the world's leader in innovation along the entire food chain, as well as the region, which offers excellent career opportunities, especially for young people.


ETP FOOD FOR LIFE in cooperation with experts of the member bodies  has  drawn up basic documents: "Vision", "Strategic research agenda" and "Implementation plan", which describe the objectives, ways and means for achieving them, and which form a base for the similar documents of the individual technological platforms in the Member countries. In 2012, "Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda" was approved, which will be newly introduced into The Czech Technology Platform for Food.



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