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Project Advisory Centre


The activities of the Advisory Centre were initiated by the CTP in 2009.

The main activities of the Centre are currently:



1)    Grant advice:


  1. Continuous monitoring of the funding options
  2. Selection of a suitable grant title
  3. Consultancy in the area of the preparatory activities relating to the preparation of the request for financial support
  4. Consultancy in the area of the processing of a grant application



2)    Project management:


  1. First – rate planning and scheduling the whole project according to the principles of project management
  2. Pre-design preparation (formulation of the project, logical framework, cost-benefit analysis, the outline of the project etc.)
  3. Composition of the project document
  4. Correct composition of incremental steps in the framework of the project and their following, so that the project was feasible in a given period of time with a minimum of costs
  5. Monitoring and evaluating of the progress of the project
  6. The compilation of the running and final reports of projects



3)    Competitions:


  1. The composition of the application for a public competition
  2. The organization and implementation of the request and selection procedure under the law on public contract





Contact for Project Advisory Center CTP:


Registered office: Počernická 96/272, 108 03 Praha 10 - Malešice, Česká republika

Phone: +420 296 411 182

Fax: +420 296 411 187


Web site:,


Project Advisory Centre is managed by the company  FOODSERVIS s.r.o.



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